Finally, Tumblr’s done being dumb. I’m guessing everyone was having this problem since for a long while, absolutely no new posts were showing on my dashboard. And I’m following A LOT of people so my dashboard is constantly crazy. Erg, Tumblr needs to stop with this bullshit.

Basically, I wasn’t on Tumblr for over a whole day, because the day it happened was the day I went to that pool party. I left around eleven in the morning and got back just after four. It was acting up at first and I was only able to reblog about eight posts, and it only let me draft/queue four or five. All that for about an hour. Then at about five-thirty, it wouldn’t let me do ANYTHING AT ALL. NOTHING. I couldn’t even get to the post page. (I was able to customize my theme, though). This went on for around nine hours. During that time I spent that time bitching about it over Twitter. (If you look at my status widget in my sidebar, you’ll see all the bitching I did). I finally went to bed after almost nine hours (around two-thirty in the morning) of not being able to do anything but “like” all the post I wanted to reblog. I woke up the next morning and got back on at around two, so I had basically gone twenty-seven hours without Tumblr.

Worst. Day. Of. My. Life. Although I did have fun at that party I went to.


Well, you’re back now, and that’s the important thing! ;;^;;

Yeah, it was actually for nine hours, then it was for another fifteen minutes. I was online the whole time.

/stealth posting so everyone knows exactly, yep

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Anonymous asked: crystal again.

i'm sad your blog is going to go. :( i actually really started to like it...

maybe sometime you can send me your msn or something? maybe we can just talk about sonic and shit together. but not right now, cause i'm taking a break from ims and stuff too. ^_^;;

but i hope you figure out whatever's bugging you. i'm sad to see this blog go cause i love you baby ;_;

Wow, I didn’t even notice you sent this, Crystal.

When you get back I’ll send you info so you can still contact me, all right? c:

Well, Knuckles is there, too, but this (kinda sorta) counts as Sonic+Tails, to me.

more Shadmaria I think you’re seen already

I think I sent this before, as well, but it’s one of my personal favorite Shadaze pictures. 8,D

I don’t think that’s Shadaze